Day 2: I know I’m not perfect, but…

In episode two of the new season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Kimmy walks into a year-round Christmas decoration store and hands her resume to a depressed-looking employee in a sequined holiday sweater.  After correcting her mistake about his gender (she assumed he was female) he points out that she worked as a babysitter from 1997-1998 and then didn’t work or go to school – or do anything – for the next fifteen years.

Before he can finish his sentence, Kimmy breaks in:

“Look, I know I’m not perfect, but let me tell you about another imperfect employee.  His name was Rudolf, and he was a JOKE.  Some say his mother made it with a doorbell light.  But when he was given a chance, Rudolf went down in history.  And that reindeer’s name was Rudolf…”

Kimmy gets the job.

Today’s application goes off to New York, New York.  The job looks a little too good, so maybe they’ll be deluged with applicants.  Whatever.  It’s the beginning of my project, and, at least for now, I’m going for the gold.

Plus, sometimes it is difficult to predict which applications will get a response.  I’ve been surprised before.

My other job-hunting goal for the day: figure out how to get reimbursed for the trip I made to New Hampshire that did not result in a job offer.  Also, get over the flu bug that I caught on the trip to New Hampshire.




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