Day 5: I Will Keep Your Application on File

Yesterday afternoon I heard back from the place in California.  The bad news is that they have already started interviewing candidates for the position.  The good news is that they are going to keep my application on file in case they move on to a second round of interviews.

Today’s application is headed to northern Michigan.  I love northern Michigan, in the summer.  In the winter, it can be pretty dark and cold.  I know someone who lived in the community where this job is located, and he said that he developed seasonal depression while he was up there.  If I get the job, my first paycheck may go toward one of those happy lamps.

Speaking of happiness, that is one of the things we all look for in a job, right?  In that spirit, I took one of those online quizzes about what kind of work would make me happy.  You can take it too if you want to give it a shot – here’s the link: .

My highest score was in the area of making creative use of ideas, materials, or situations.  I think I already knew that about myself, but it’s good to be reminded of where my interests lie.  Obviously, I’m looking for a job, but I’m hoping to also find the job – the one where my natural abilities are well-suited to the work I’m doing.

Only 95 more days.




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