Day 7: Recruiting Firm?

Up until 24 hours ago, I had never considered using a recruiting firm.  Then last night I was googling something else and came across a place that, apparently, helps people like me find jobs.

The recruiting firm’s online Yelp reviews range from negative – “I am extremely frustrated and annoyed by their lack of professionalism.” – to glowing – “My placement officer was very attentive, and I got great exposure to some really excellent opportunities.”  I guess I should know better than to take Yelp reviews very seriously.

This firm doesn’t represent just anyone, so I have to apply and see if they are interested in me.  That process can take a week or more, so it will be a while before I know if this strategy is going anywhere.

In the meantime, I am still applying for one job a day.  Today’s application is headed to Maryland.

I’m also doing my darndest to stay, if not positive, at least not too negative about things.  This article about unemployment on Forbes is pretty useful for that:

My favorite suggestion in their list is #2, learning something new.  Every now and then I go on Duolingo and try to learn Italian, but my fluency is only at 38%.  Perhaps that is the next thing to work on.





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