Day 10: Big Apple

I hit the ground running this morning and sent out an application for a job in New York City.  The job itself doesn’t look totally perfect, but the location, well, where do I even start…

I love New York City.  I lived there for two years while I was in graduate school, and it’s a place that is dear to my heart.  The energy of those streets gets into my blood, and I just want to work harder and do more when I’m there.  I get a little freaked out when I look at the (constantly rising) cost of a studio apartment, but the freak-out subsides when I remember how much I love the city.

I want to go to there.

Other news of the day:  The place in Indiana already hired someone.  Drat.  Another colleague endorsed me.  Yeah!  J. Crew is offering 50% off final sale items with free shipping.  Can I justify buying a work outfit when I don’t have a job?



4 thoughts on “Day 10: Big Apple

  1. thesassyrecruiter says:

    Chin up!! Have you set up Google Alerts for the jobs you’re interested in? That way you’ll get jobs straight to your inbox with you having to trawl the job boards for anything new x


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