Day 11: What I Miss About Work

When you have a job, you often catch yourself complaining about it.  Work is often stressful, sometimes tedious, frequently unappreciated, and rarely well-compensated.  Work creates constraints in your life.  Instead of doing the things you’d like to be doing, you’re behind a desk responding to emails and trying to be cheerful even when people aren’t particularly nice (or even decent) to you.

And yet, having a job is still really, really great.

A job means structure.  You know exactly what you’re doing every day, and you don’t have the option of sleeping in and watching Netflix instead.  A job creates meaning.  You have responsibilities that matter, and you are contributing to society.  A job often leads to relationships.  You meet new people, learn to work with a diverse group of colleagues, and, sometimes, make a friend.  A job also gives you a paycheck.  Enough said.

Today’s application is for a local part-time job.  I don’t want a part-time job; I want a full-time job.  I have to be somewhat flexible, though, so I’m applying for this even though it is not perfect.




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