Day 13: Reading Tea Leaves

A week ago I saw a posting for a job in the suburbs of Chicago that looked really great, but the posting was a month old.  I called the number associated with the posting to ask if they were still taking applications, but my call went through to an answering machine.  I left a message, but no one got back to me.  My assumption after all this was that they probably weren’t looking for more applications.

Then they reposted the job three days ago.

I don’t really know how to interpret this.  Was the job reposted automatically?  Are they actually still taking applications?  Should I bother to apply?  Without a little more information to go on, I’m basically reading tea leaves.

I decided to send them an application since the job would be a really great opportunity, and I’d love to have them consider my application if they are indeed still looking at applications.  Realistically, though, I won’t be surprised if I never hear from them.

In more positive news, I received two more endorsements!  It warms my heart every time someone writes one for me.  And, hopefully, it will also help me find a job.



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