Day 14: Wait, Wait, I Didn’t Mean That!

Today I spent a little over an hour working on an application for a job only to realize that it is probably not a job I want.  The original posting looked like it might be a good fit, as did the description of responsibilities.  Unfortunately, the more I researched the organization itself, the more I became convinced that it wouldn’t be the right fit.  I could have just quit at that point and started working on something else.  In fact, I kind of felt like I didn’t mean half of the enthusiastic things I wrote in my cover letter.  Nevertheless, I decided to finish up the application and send it in anyway, just in case it ends up being the right thing.

After all, it is very hard to predict what will and will not work out.  You know the application I sent in yesterday, the one where I thought they probably weren’t still taking applications?  I heard back from them today, and it sounds like they really are still looking for someone.  I’m glad I applied.

I’m sort of exhausted from all these applications, and part of me wishes I had created a 100-day project where you don’t work on the weekends.  What I like about this project, though, is the way it keeps pushing me forward.  I can’t obsess over the applications I’ve already sent in; I have to keep working on another one.




3 thoughts on “Day 14: Wait, Wait, I Didn’t Mean That!

  1. lisa74 says:

    Yeah, filling out an app every day IS exhausting…you have made quite the commitment…be easy on yourself some days, and look for jobs that just require a resume or have that “easy apply” button option….

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  2. Get Em Dash says:

    I agree with Lisa – this is YOUR project and there’s no right way to do it, but the discipline of doing something everyday is what we’re all grappling with on any 100 day project. If you look around enough of the other people taking part, they’re all having the exact same frustrations and doubts – it’s just that your project is a lot higher stakes! Keep going. This project is very interesting. You might be able to write a book about it at the end 🙂


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