Day 18: The Arrival of Presence

Yesterday I heard back from the recruiting firm, and they have sent my materials to six places.  Yay!  The only awkward (or wonderful?) thing is that one of the places they sent my materials is the place where I already applied on Day 2.  I don’t know what the etiquette is in a situation like that, but I decided to let the recruiter know that I have already applied for that position.

I wrote two new cover letters today.  I specifically described how I could contribute to two of the places that received my materials yesterday.  I may try to write the rest of those letters today or I may not tackle it all until tomorrow.  Writing a good cover letter (as opposed to a generic cover letter) is hard work.

My beautiful, hardcover, orange copy of Amy Cuddy’s Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges arrived in the mail yesterday.  I haven’t started reading it, but I will, and I suspect I’ll be quoting it here.  It looks so good!





2 thoughts on “Day 18: The Arrival of Presence

  1. geekgirlat40 says:

    You speak true when you say that cover letters are hard work! Man oh man are they! Good on you for doing 2!

    I’m not sure about the etiquette on the recruitment issue is either but it sounds like you did the right thing by alerting the recruiting company about the situation. People don’t like to be taken by surprise. Plus, you showed integrity and attention to detail!

    I’m curious, what type of materials are these? Are you another type of artist other than a writer?

    Best wishes!


    • ifimstillunemployedattheendofthisimquitting says:

      The materials are things like a personal statement, video recording of me talking about myself, letters of recommendation, etc. It is nice to have someone compile it all together! As for what sort of creative type I am, well, that’s difficult to define. I have my hand in a lot of areas, but writing is one of the main ones! Thanks for the encouragement!


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