Day 21: Reject

Today I thought it would be fun to go to this artsy place where, according to their website, anyone can use their pottery wheel to make a pot.  I’ve only done this a little bit in the past, but I figured, “Why not?”  After all, they explicitly said on their website that anyone with any level of ability was welcome.

Before I go any further with this story I should mention that I’m in my thirties, but people occasionally mistake me for a much younger person.  Like a teenager.

Anyway, I walked in and asked to use the wheel.  The woman looked me up and down skeptically and asked if I had experience.  I said, “Yeah, I mean, I’m a beginner, but it’s not my first time doing this.”  She told me it was really hard and I wouldn’t get any help or any lessons, so I reassured her, “It’s okay.  I just want to give it a try.  I won’t be disappointed with the result if it isn’t that great.”  Then she started using an adult-talking-to-a-child voice and told me I would have to give her money in order to get clay and that the clay was really hard to use.  I reassured her one more time, but she told me no, it wasn’t a good idea.  She also drew a contrast between me and the experienced adults who come to the studio.

I rested my case and left the studio.

I’m not sure if I should have advocated for myself a little more strongly or not, but the incident got me thinking about the way we judge each other.  Just because someone looks like they’re not up for a task doesn’t mean they aren’t.

Today’s application goes to Minnesota.






7 thoughts on “Day 21: Reject

  1. geekgirlat40 says:

    Agreed we must be careful about judging each other. We can all make the mistake but I think what is great is when we catch ourselves at it and correct the mistake. This woman not only made the mistake but she didn’t notice AND she was patronizing to boot (not to mention losing her company business). Grrrrrr! I don’t like that you got treated that way.

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    • ifimstillunemployedattheendofthisimquitting says:

      Exactly!! I actually thought the funniest thing was that she lost a sale! I really showed up ready to spend money, lol.

      I actually don’t have a problem with someone having business where they only let experienced people come and use their facilities, but they should advertise accurately then.

      Oh well, here’s to catching ourselves and correcting mistakes. 🙂


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