Day 22: Setting Up Alerts

Today I realized that I didn’t actually have a single job on my list that I really wanted to apply for.  Not one.  I trawled job boards for a while, but I didn’t find anything.  This, by the way, is one of the hardest things about a job search, in my opinion.  Before you can apply for a job, you have to find a job posting.

This project is supposed to be about finding solutions not whining about problems, so I took the step of setting up a bunch of alerts on Glassdoor.  I’m prepared for my email inbox to be deluged with things that aren’t exactly what I’m looking for, but hopefully, this process turns up some good things as well.

I still applied for one job today.  It would pay rather badly, and it would require relocation, but it comes with a few interesting perks, so it’s not a terrible option.




One thought on “Day 22: Setting Up Alerts

  1. Get Em Dash says:

    Have you tried contacting the companies – or even directly the people – you would simply like to work for? That’s what I’ve always done. Another thing to do is write to the CEO of small companies that sound interesting. They often don’t get so many resumes sent to them speculatively. Keep going! You’re doing great!


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