Day 25: Give Me Some Botox

It turns out that Botox makes people who are depressed feel better.  How is this?  Botox paralyzes the muscles in our foreheads that we tense up when we frown or feel grief.  Counterintuitive as it may sound, our facial expressions actually affect our mood, so being unable to frown makes you feel better.

I read about this today, in, you guessed it, Amy Cuddy’s Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges.   Her research is on the power of body language, and so you can see how this fact about Botox is relevant to her work.  The Botox thing isn’t actually a cure, since there are some negative side effects associated with it as well, but it is really interesting.

I am not depressed, but I am in a bad mood.  I received an email today saying that I wouldn’t be interviewed for the part-time position I applied for on Day 11.  I am ridiculously well-qualified for that particular job, and it sounds like they only received twenty applications.  Yes, twenty is a lot, but it’s not that many, and I really did have all the minimum and preferred qualifications for the position.  The job wouldn’t necessarily be perfect for me, but I would have liked the opportunity to interview for it.

Like I said the other day, though, this blog is about finding solutions not whining about problems, so I sent them an email asking if they would give me some feedback.  I’m genuinely interested to hear what they’ll say.  I’m totally willing to take additional classes if I need to in order to get a job, but in this case I’m not even sure what I’m lacking.




3 thoughts on “Day 25: Give Me Some Botox

  1. donnajburkholder says:

    I’m so sorry you’re in a bad mood. You sound frustrated. I think sometimes there are internal candidates that they are planning to hire but they post the opening to fill some HR requirement. I think it’s so smart that you asked for feedback. Don’t lose heart. I would say go do something that will bring you joy and make you smile, even without botox 😉

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  2. Get Em Dash says:

    I agree 100% with donnajburkholder. That happens a lot with advertised job listings so you must remind yourself that you probably weren’t rejected as there wasn’t even an opening really there. In that case, you weren’t lacking anything. It is quite annoying though, for sure. Good on you for requesting feedback. I would even go so far as to ask them to keep your details on file in case any future opportunities come up as you were very interested. They might ring you in a few months’ time, you never know! (And tell yourself it’s their loss…)


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