Day 27: Kafkaesque?

I gave myself two job search tasks today: submitting additional materials for the job in New York City (applied for on DAY 24) and researching that organization.  Unfortunately, what I discovered in my research was not encouraging.  I looked at employee reviews on and found some real doozies:

“The atmosphere can best be described as Kafka-esque.”

“Don’t even both applying.”  (Did they mean bother?)

“Idiot supervisors, no work life balance.”

So that’s not encouraging.  I know better than to take online reviews as the gospel truth, but the sheer number of negative reviews and the utter enthusiasm with which they were written was pretty troubling.  I do want a job, but I do not want to relocate for a job where I’ll be unhappy.  Unhappiness can surely be found closer to home.

I’m going to go ahead and do the phone interview for the job tomorrow anyway.  At the very least, it will be good practice for phone interviews.  In the best case scenario, I might learn something about the work environment that makes me take a second look at this place.

In other news, my reading diet has changed a bit since I just bought a book on ceramic techniques.  Gotta be ready for that class!  I’m still reading Amy Cuddy, though, and I’ve come across some gems that are pretty relevant to the job search.  Apparently posture (whether you sit up straight or slump) can change the way you talk about yourself in a job interview.  Here’s a quote from the book:

“Upright speakers used fewer negative and more positive words, consistent with some of the other findings we’ve seen, but they also used fewer  first-person pronouns, such as and me.  They talked less about themselves, reflecting less self-focused worry and more freedom to engage with what was going on in that challenging present moment.  ”

So, chin up, Josie!  Sit straight to feel positive and to stay engaged in the task at hand!



5 thoughts on “Day 27: Kafkaesque?

  1. Sonya says:

    I’ve been meaning to watch her TED talk and you remind me every time you post an excerpt. Maybe this weekend… Good luck for the interview!


  2. Get Em Dash says:

    Hmm, disgruntled and angry people are always enthusiastic about their opinions. It could just be that the reviewers have a different way of working from how this organisation works. Why not ask directly in the interview about these comments and see how they respond? Has there been a change in leadership? This can lead to staff getting shaken out if the organisation is trying to change direction. Maybe ask about their philosophy and how that plays out in people’s day to day work? Ask about the challenges they’re facing and what skillsets they feel they need in their staff to overcome that. Then you can decide if there’s a match between them and you. Good luck! You’re doing great. Wonderful you’ve got your ceramics class to look forward to as well!

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    • ifimstillunemployedattheendofthisimquitting says:

      I like this advice. It is possible that the interviewers will be turned off by a question about the negative comments, but I’d rather be direct and find out what they have to say. Better to know! And if they are turned off by a reference to the negative reviews, that would tell me something about the institutional culture. Thanks for the encouragement!


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