Day 30: Nudge

Today’s application goes to a job with a vague description.  It is in New York City, and it is listed as full-time, but the hours do not look full-time to me.  I worry that this means it wouldn’t come with benefits.  On the other hand, the job responsibilities look really interesting and (dare I say) even fun.  I figure the best way to learn more about the position is to submit an application, so I did.

I placed an order for the book Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness today.  I’m trying to stay motivated during this period of joblessness, and having good reading material helps.  I heard about this book because Amy Cuddy mentioned it in her book.

Otherwise, it was a very quiet day.  Napping with the dog was one of my main activities.  Eating cheesecake and drinking ginger tea came in close behind.  Perhaps I do need a nudge in a new direction.



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