Day 31: Just Go Shopping

Today I applied for the job I heard about on DAY 28.  I spent an ungodly amount of time wordsmithing the cover letter and obsessing over the presentation of my materials because this job looks amazing.

I’m a little concerned about one of the interview requests I received on DAY 26.  They said they were going to contact me with a time and date when they want to do the Skype interview, but they haven’t been in touch.  I assume I will hear from them soon, but I’m concerned that it is taking this long.

The best way to distract myself from thinking about the interview is probably shopping, so I bought a dress.  (No one is allowed to disagree with this statement.)  The inspiration for this purchase came from another blogger, Rosie over at Everything Looks Rosie.  If photography, fashion, and delicious food are your thing, check her out.  I bought this great British dress in navy, and I’m very excited to receive it in the mail.  I think it would be good for an interview too, so it (just barely) qualifies as a step toward my goal.




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