Day 33: Nomadic Aspirations

In the same spirit as yesterday’s application, today I sent a resume to a place called Teaching Nomad.  I don’t know if I want to teach abroad, but I do know that I love to travel and want to do something new.  Could this be the adventure I’m seeking?

Today is something of a milestone because I have made it (nearly) one-third of the way to the end of this project.  I feel proud of having stuck with it this far but concerned that nothing is materializing in the way of a job offer yet.  Yes, I knew it might go this way, but I still had hopes of things moving more quickly.

Speaking of which, I still have no interview scheduled with the place that said they wanted to interview me on DAY 26!  I’m developing all kinds of bad habits, like checking my email compulsively to see if they’ve sent me something and imagining the reasons why they aren’t getting in touch with me.  Did they find someone else?  Is there no longer an opening?  What is going on?

This sense of uncertainty is actually the worst part of job hunting.  It is possible that any one of my applications could lead to a great job.  It is also possible that some of my emails will never be read or that people will glance at my resume only very briefly.  Job hunting feels like putting messages in bottles and throwing them into the sea.  You watch the messages bobbing along on the waves and wonder if they are going to reach solid land.  Will someone read them and take an interest?  Or will they sink to the bottom of the ocean?

The flip side of uncertainty, the positive side, is opportunity.  Yes, I don’t know how all this is going to end, but it may very well end in something wonderful.  And that is a reason to keep writing the messages, putting the corks tightly in the tops of the bottles, and hurling them out in the most auspicious-looking direction.




3 thoughts on “Day 33: Nomadic Aspirations

  1. AimlessPanther says:

    Dude. The message in a bottle metaphor is way too accurate!

    Do you have an email or phone number you can contact the day 26 guys and ask? I’m sure you can do it professionally, and it might count in your favour, being so proactive!


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