Day 38: Bohemian Rhapsody

I already have a Skype interview scheduled this Wednesday for the job I applied for on DAY 36.  Today’s task was researching that opportunity.  I’m concerned that the job is more the kind of thing recent college graduates usually do.  It looks like an adventure, and I would certainly get my fill of castles and beer in Bohemia, but I might also feel like, “Why am I running around Europe without a long-term plan?”  The more I read about living in the Czech Republic, the more I feel like it is something I should do as a vacation, not as a job.

Tomorrow I have the long-awaited Skype interview with the people who contacted me on DAY 26.  At this point, that is the job that looks most appealing to me.  It is in Connecticut, which seems like a nice place to live, and I think I would enjoy the work.




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