Day 39: Connecticut Interview

I felt like I connected well with my interviewers during today’s Skype interview.  It is difficult to do that, since talking via Skype is itself somewhat unnatural.  It’s hard not to be distracted by the little image of your own face in the corner of the screen.  I talk with my hands a lot, and whenever I see them flashing across the screen, I wonder if I’m coming across as too ecstatic.  I suppose there are worse ways to come across.

The problem with this job is that it would be part-time for the first year and then maybe become full-time.  Relocating for a part-time job sounds absurd, but, in this case, it might not be.  The job has the potential to be extremely rewarding, I think.  I suspect I would also learn a lot in a position like this one, so that is appealing as well.

I find interviews, even short Skype interviews, utterly exhausting.  I’m not usually the type of person who sleeps during the day, but interviews make me feel absolutely catatonic.  When I have to travel for an interview, I usually fall asleep on the plane ride home, if not in the airport.

On that note, I’m calling it a day.




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