Day 41: Rhode Island Interview

This morning I had a phone interview with the place in Rhode Island.  It was short, but I felt it went well.

I thought the second interview with the place in Connecticut would be this Friday, but now we are doing it Tuesday of next week.  No problem.

I have an interview with a company that hires people to teach English in Shanghai tomorrow.

The good thing about doing so many interviews is that it cuts down on the degree to which I feel nervous about any one of them.  I am also getting a lot of practice interviewing, which is great.  In theory, I should be getting better at this game.

In some ways, it is discouraging, though, since I’ve almost lost count of the number of interviews I’ve done during this job search.  I had quite a number of them before I even started blogging, and now, of course, I’ve had even more.  I always get good feedback after interviews but never, at least not yet, a job.  At this point, I’m kind of tired of doing them.  And yet, with each new interview, there is the possibility that I will finally get hired.

In between interviews I am trying to use my time doing positive things.  Actually, I was inspired by Aimless Panther’s post about flourishing.  One of the good things about unemployment is that you have time to do things like exercise.  I’ve had some problems with my foot that make it difficult to run, but today I went to the pool and did some aqua jogging.  It was inelegant (because I’m not naturally athletic), but I did it, and I feel pleasantly exhausted now.




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