Day 42: Where are you?

I was supposed to have a Skype interview with an American company that hires people to teach English in Shanghai, like, right now.  Instead, I’m staring at an unresponsive Skype screen waiting for them to call.

This has actually happened to me once before, and I find it pretty unprofessional on the part of the company.  It’s OK to interview someone and then not hire them, but making them “show up” for a Skype interview and then not showing up yourself…  That is (or ought to be) embarrassing.

This was my only job search activity lined up for the day, so the day is starting to feel like a loss.  I have a feeling that not much will happen over the weekend, either, since it is Memorial Day weekend.  Fortunately, there are good things happening on other fronts, so I can feel good about that.

Oh, and we have an update.  The Skype interview will be in five minutes.  Time to stop blogging and get my game face on.






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