Day 43: Competitive Salary

So last night I did the Skype interview to teach English in China.  The interview was fun, relaxed, informative – very positive experience.  Later on that same night they sent me a job offer with what they called a “competitive salary”.

It was slightly less than 24k.

I guess “competitive” is dependent on who your competitors are.  Maybe other companies are paying 20k.  Maybe some companies are paying even less than that.  But, from my perspective, less than 24k is not very impressive.

So, I don’t know, I guess I don’t consider that to be a real opportunity since relocating to the other side of the world just to make a fast food worker’s salary kind of seems like a joke.  It would be interesting, but would it be worth it?  My gut says no.

I applied for a job in Massachusetts today.



2 thoughts on “Day 43: Competitive Salary

  1. katiekipnis says:

    I have many friends doing just this. Most companies, although not paying “well” for our standards, at least put you up and include paid vacations as well. Some even pay for he airfare to get there.
    Best of luck!

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