Day 44: Shoot for the Stars

Today’s cliche title is meant ironically.  I’m feeling cynical and tired.  It’s not that any one thing has gone wrong; it’s just that some days it really sucks to be jobless.

Today’s title is also accurate in that I did apply for a job that feels like a real reach.  I don’t expect to hear back about this one, but, if I did, it would be amazing.

One of the challenges of looking for a job is deciding which things to shoot for.  I’ve realized that I could get a job teaching English abroad with a lot of different companies in a heartbeat, but I wouldn’t make much money.  I’d rather get a job here at home doing something else, but those jobs are a bit harder to come by.  So one of the tricky things is deciding whether to shoot for the stars and try to get those jobs that seem so unreachable or to just take something random that doesn’t pay well.

There is some middle ground.  Some jobs are difficult to get but not impossible.  I am working to identify those ones and make sure I do what I can to put together strong application materials for them.




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