Day 46: Connecticut Interview Part II

Today I did a second Skype interview with the place in Connecticut.  It was shorter than the first, but I think it went well.  They are going to contact me sometime in the next week to either a) tell me I didn’t get the job, b) tell me I did get the job, or c) request an additional interview.  In the meantime, I get to patiently wait.

All of you who are job-searching know how fun it is to wait.  You get to silently imagine all the possible outcomes while still looking for other jobs.  You never know if they’ll get back to you right away or a week later or two weeks later.  It’s really special.

I shouldn’t complain, though, because the Connecticut job looks great, and if it did work out, I’d be pretty happy.  I’m ready to stop poring over job boards and start poring over apartment listings.  Apartment hunting won’t be easy, but it will be infinitely more fun than applying for jobs.  And it will feel like a forward step, concrete proof that things are moving in a new and positive direction.



2 thoughts on “Day 46: Connecticut Interview Part II

  1. kbhayes says:

    Hi, have been full time job hunting since last fall. Currently working 2 part time jobs. Job applications are SO! MUCH! FUN! because you never know if the resume/job app you submitted will be seen by a REAL LIVE HUMAN BEING or will wind up in the Abyss Of The Black Hole Of Resumes.


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