Day 47: Mind Your Manners

Today’s task was writing a thank you note to the people from Connecticut who interviewed me yesterday.  Some of you may remember that on DAY 26 I changed the rules of my own game.  I decided that instead of making myself apply for a job every day, I will instead do some significant task related to the job search every day.  Thank you notes count, so once I wrote mine, I was off the hook for the rest of the day.

Writing thank you notes is an important part of having good manners, but it is also a way to practice gratitude.  Sometimes when people talk about keeping a gratitude journal I start to feel kind of annoyed.  I associate people who write in gratitude journals with smugness.  That being said, being grateful actually does make me feel better and more positive, so maybe those smug people are on to something.

Speaking of gratitude,right now  I am grateful that I do not have a job that requires me to be on my feet every day, because I have a lot of foot pain.  I’m actually wearing a special boot filled with ice water right now in an attempt to bring down the inflammation.  It’s not the sort of thing you can walk in.

I’m also grateful for random, useful lists that I find on the Huffington Post.  Like this one.  Half the things on the list are things I could have thought of myself, but, you know what?  I like having someone else make the list to remind me!

What are all of you grateful for?




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