Day 48: Flight Reservations

Today I bought a plane ticket to Connecticut.  Yes, I’ve made it through the first two rounds of interviews and on to the third!  Time to travel!

I also received word that I will be interviewing in Rhode Island, although the date is not yet set in stone.  I may be buying another ticket for that interview tomorrow.

Besides buying a ticket, my other task for the day was preparing some materials for the interview itself.  To my surprise, I found myself really enjoying the process of putting together these materials.  I had begun to think of myself as lazy because I was so tired of writing cover letters, but when I’m presented with a new task, I feel energized again.  That’s a comfort.

One small disappointment: I will be missing the first day of my ceramics class to travel for the interview.  Those of you who read my posts on DAY 21 and DAY 24 know that I’ve been trying to get going with ceramics.  Of course I’d much rather be interviewing for a job than taking a class, so I’m still very happy about the change in plans, but it is nevertheless slightly disappointing that ceramics will have to wait a little longer.



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