Day 49: Itineraries

Today I spent more time putting together the materials for my interview in Connecticut.  I also emailed the people there to make sure we are all on the same page for the schedule and the travel plans.  Every time I write one of these emails, I read it through three times to make sure there are no typos or other issues.  I’m not always that persnickety, but I want to get this right!

I’ve also got to figure out what to pack for the interview.  An interview outfit, obviously, but which one?  Something that is guaranteed not to wrinkle in my suitcase?  Something that is eminently professional?  Something that I will almost certainly feel comfortable in?  Plus, what about the weather?  And the TSA?  And travel-size toiletries?  And SHOES!  Gosh, that’s a whole category!  Heels or no heels?  Comfort or style?  Conservative or creative?

There is still no date set in stone for the interview in Rhode Island.  That’s a little stressful to me.  I’m sure it will happen, but the sooner I know the date, the easier it is for me to plan things.  I like to get my itineraries all set!  In case, however, I suppose I will have to wait patiently and trust that, whatever happens, I will figure out how to manage my schedule well.




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