Day 51: Bags Packed

I’m leaving for Connecticut at 5:00 am tomorrow.  My bag is packed, I have a yogurt waiting for me in the fridge, and there is a post-it note on my steering wheel with a list of the things I shouldn’t forget to bring.  It is raining hard outside, so I should fall asleep easily and early.  There is nothing more blissful than sleeping when it is raining outdoors.

I’ve tried using white noise machines to simulate the sound of rain outdoors, but there is really no substitute.  It’s that rhythm of droplets on the roof and windows that creates such a perfect block for all other noises and distractions.  I think it is comforting, too, to think of the grass and the trees being watered while you sleep.  It’s like the whole earth is being nourished.

I’m not nervous about the interview yet, but that will come.  One of the things I’ve learned about nervousness is that you cannot fight it.  You can lean into and see it as excitement or energy, but you can’t make it go away.



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