Day 53: Sweatshirt + Pencil Skirt

You know those little shops at the airport that sell sweatshirts? The sweatshirts are always for the local sports team or the city itself, and I never even look at them, because they aren’t really my thing.  Well, right now I’m wearing my interview pencil skirt and a sweatshirt from one of those places.  It is freezing in the airport, and, without the sweatshirt, I have only a very thin blouse between me and the excessive air conditioning.  If I had a twenty-minute layover, I would just deal with the discomfort, but I’ll be hanging out here for several hours.

The interview in Connecticut was today, so, in addition to being freezing cold, I am also tired!  There were meetings all day, and I talked to a lot of different people.  Many of the questions they asked were the same, so I felt like I was repeating myself to different people.  It’s hard to keep on injecting enthusiasm into your answers when you do that!  Still, I think the interview went well.

Not that well, though, unless they offer me a job.  The waiting game commences!



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