Day 54: Home Again

I got in pretty late last night, so I crashed in exhaustion when I finally got home.  Traveling is tiring, and so is interviewing.  When you do both in one day, you’re pretty much guaranteed to feel like a limp rag doll the following day.

I couldn’t take the day off altogether, though, since I had a lot of thank you notes to write.  Nine, to be specific.  I don’t know how important it is that every single one is personalized and thoughtful, but I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to just cut, copy, and paste the same message over and over again.  With that in mind, I made an effort to make each one at least somewhat specific to the individual person it was addressed to.

My other job-search-related task was buying another plane ticket.  I’ll  be flying to Rhode Island next week for another interview.  I may or may not hear back about the Connecticut job before then.  I don’t even really know which job looks the best to me; I’m just hoping I am offered one of them.

One of the challenges of interviewing for multiple positions is staying motivated and enthusiastic throughout the process.  Right now, the thought of doing another interview sounds utterly overwhelming to me because I am tired from the last one. Hopefully, in one week’s time, I will feel differently.




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