Day 55: New Hampshire Resurrection

On DAY 1 and  DAY 3, I wrote about the job in New Hampshire that didn’t work out.  I was really sad when that opportunity fell through.  So sad, in fact, that I titled my blog post on the topic “New Hampshire Autopsy.”  It was an autopsy in the sense that I was trying to sort out what went wrong and why the opportunity died.  Once I came to terms with the whole thing, though, I put away my dreams of buying skis and thick sweaters and decided to start the 100-day project.

Then today, in the biggest plot twist of my job search, I received an offer from the place in New Hampshire.  The other person didn’t work out, so now they want me.  If DAY 3 was a New Hampshire autopsy, then today is the New Hampshire resurrection.

I said some bad words when the email came in.  I wasn’t angry – just totally, utterly, surprised.

I’m going to keep blogging, at least until I’ve actually signed a contract, but the risk of being unemployed at day 100 is now truly past.  I’m gonna start working, you guys!



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