Day 56: The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

There is an Italian phrase “Dolce far Niente”, which means the sweetness of doing nothing.  I learned it when I was a college student studying abroad in Italy.  During that semester I did all the things we American typically struggle to do – eat meals slowly, read books cover-to-cover, take naps in the early afternoon.  You know, slow down enough to savor life, or at least taste it before rapidly swallowing and moving on to the next thing.

Today was a day of sweet nothing.  Today, I did not apply for any jobs.  I also did not feel guilty about not applying for any jobs.  I just relaxed and did some thinking.

I thought about how things are about to change in my life.  I’m going to move and start something new!  But I’m also about to become very, very busy.  I want to preserve moments of the sweetness of doing nothing even as the pace of my life speeds up again.  I want to make sure I am taking the time for an occasional fika.  I want to slow down and appreciate the beauty of nature and the changing seasons.  I want to be self-aware enough that I know my own power.

In other words, I want to hang on to the lessons learned through job-searching even once I start working.  I don’t want the stress of the position to take away the sense of perspective that I have worked so hard to develop.



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