Day 57: Rainbow’s Warmth

The sweetness of doing nothing, which began yesterday, spilled over into today.  I know I’ll be working really hard soon, but, for now, I’m letting myself indulge in leisure activities.  For example, today I went thrifting and bought a rainbow-colored afghan.  Why?  Because it was $7, because I was feeling happy, and because it will keep me warm in New Hampshire.  Also, because why not?

The job doesn’t start right away, so I have some time to plan the move.  I’ll still be able to take my ceramics class before I leave, so I’m not going to miss anything important this summer.

I don’t want this blog to die, at least not until I get to day 100.  I’m trying to think of some new action which I can repeat every day until the end.  I’ve considered the following options:

  • Learn something new about ceramics every day.
  • Say thank you to someone every day.
  • Read (and write about what I’m reading) every day.

I think I should only choose one of the three options.  What do you all think?  Which one should I choose?



2 thoughts on “Day 57: Rainbow’s Warmth

  1. lisa74 says:

    I love your idea of saying thank you to someone…i might even steal that…you could thank people from your past, family, now…people who don’t read this blog but you could give us a glimpse about who they are…


  2. Sonya says:

    I’d love to learn more about ceramics, but saying thank you to someone every day sounds rather good, too. You are probably going to make someone’s day every day, as well.


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