Day 58: Beginning of the Gratitude Project

I realized yesterday that I do want to continue this project all the way to DAY 100, even though I already have a job offer.  With that in mind, I presented all of you with some ideas for a new activity that I can repeat every day.  Both lisaf74 and Sonya, liked my idea of saying thank you to someone every day.  So, that’s the plan!   From DAY 58 until DAY 100, I will practice gratitude by telling someone “thank you” every day.  Some of these may be big thank yous – like writing a letter on nice stationary to someone I really care about.  Others may be little thank yous – like sending a quick email to someone who has done something nice for me.  Some may be miniature thank yous – like smiling and saying thanks while paying a toll at the toll booth.  But, all of them, regardless of size, will be genuine.

In particular, I want to make sure I thank all the people who helped me, in big and small ways, to find work.  So, today’s thank you is headed off to one of the people who endorsed me on my profile with the recruiting firm.  I think those endorsements mean a lot, and they definitely helped me get the interview in Connecticut.  And, you know, I am really am grateful for that interview!  Even if I end up working somewhere else, I’m still glad I got to meet with them and have the opportunity to learn about the position.

Let the new project commence!





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