Day 61: Ice Cream Dishes and Doggie Bowls

Today’s thank you went to a person who encouraged me while I was applying for jobs.  He also wrote an endorsement for me.  As I write all these thank you notes, I realize how many people have helped me along on this journey.  It is good to have such wonderful people in my life.

As part of my ceramics class, I have the opportunity to go to the ceramics studio and practice throwing pots on the wheel outside of class hours.  This morning I took advantage of that opportunity.  It is hard work!  Still, I managed to make two, small, not-too-wobbly bowls.  I know that with further practice I will be able to do bigger and better projects.  Right now, though, I’m at a level where I can make something that looks like a little ice cream dish or doggie bowl.

It looks like I’ll be moving to New Hampshire on the 6th or 7th of July.  That is actually not very far away – a mere three weeks!  Isn’t it funny how quickly our plans change sometimes?




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