Day 62: Banana Boxes

There are six banana boxes in the garage right now, compliments of the local grocery store.  I am trying to be as frugal as possible while I’m preparing to move across the country, so I don’t want to have to purchase any cardboard boxes.  The problem with banana boxes, of course, is that they are designed for bananas, not clothes or books or anything else.  And so, because bananas like to have air circulating around them (I guess?  – I just made that up), there are large, rectangular openings that the top of the boxes.

People do use fruit boxes for moving, so I assume the thing to do is cover the hole?  With a plastic bag, maybe?

Today’s thank you went to a former colleague who I always enjoyed working with.  It wasn’t a fancy thank you – no postage stamp required – but I meant every word!




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