Day 63: Moving Company Estimate

I called a moving company today, and they asked me to make a list of everything – everything – I own so that they can give me an estimate of what it will cost to move it all to New Hampshire.  I got out my fine-point sharpie marker and a stack of notecards and went to work making a list.  It was a longer list than I expected it to be.  I don’t think of myself as having a lot of stuff, but when you start looking at the sofa and the dining room table and the bicycle and…  It turns out that I have quite a number of large objects in addition to the many, many boxes I will fill with small things.

Speaking of which, I haven’t begun putting things in the banana boxes.  I don’t know why I’m moving so slowly on that part of the project.  I think I’m still not so sure what to do with that big empty hole at the top and bottom of the boxes.  Of course, the banana boxes are a great way to save money, but sometimes saving money is a pain.

Today’s thank you went to an old friend, one of my very best.



8 thoughts on “Day 63: Moving Company Estimate

  1. wanderlust809 says:

    I worked for a national moving company a couple summers ago (oh college summer jobs). Do not use banana boxes. You are putting your items at a higher risk of being damaged (boxes are all that sturdy) and the moving company will not be responsible for the damages because you packed the boxes yourself. You can purchase insurance of some kind, but it is still pennies. The same moving company you contacted for a quote (call a few more and get a variety of competitive quotes) ask them if they have any used boxes you can use; and check some other local companies as well. If you want other free boxes call your local grocery and ask for egg boxes. Those are full boxes (rectangles) that do not have holes. They actually have a reinforcement in the center of the box that divides it to protect the eggs. you can leave that in place, or break it out to fit your needs. Look up how to pack kitchens on youtube for really good tips as well. Kitchens are the hardest thing to pack because they are a fragile pack.

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