Day 66: Need New Boxes

I am really enjoying my ceramics classes.  As many of you know, I’m taking two classes concurrently.  One of them started yesterday, and it is intense.  The instructor and the other students are all wonderful, but the course itself is just really a lot of work.  I think I put in a total of nine hours today, and I didn’t finish my homework.  I’m not taking the course for credit, so there’s no shame in not doing everything that is assigned, but I still feel a little bad.

My main priority right now is preparing for my upcoming move.  With that in mind, I owe a huge THANK YOU to wanderlust809 for the tip about banana boxes.  Apparently it is really not a good idea to use these boxes, for all the reasons that should have been obvious to me immediately.  That hole in the bottom really is a problem, folks!  And you can’t hold the moving company responsible for any damages because they will blame it on the fact that you packed your stuff in bad boxes.  I am taking note of this, and I will find something else to pack my stuff in.

Fifteen days until moving day.





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