Day 67: Pot Throwing Marathon

Both of my ceramics courses met today.  Both!  I’m happily surprised that my hands are not sore from all the time I spent throwing pots on the wheel and hand building.  Hand building, it turns out, is much easier for me than using the wheel.  Really, though, I’m getting so much better at both skills.  It is fun to be a beginner at something and see how much I can improve, even in a short period of time.

I don’t know a lot about Zen Buddhism, but I’ve heard that one of the ideas in Zen Buddism is “beginner’s mind.”  Beginner’s mind is about the sense of openness that people have naturally when they are new to something.  I don’t often enjoy being a beginner, because I’m always chasing mastery, but I do think it is good to stop and enjoy the moment when you have fewer preconceived notions about what is possible.  That is certainly the case for me right now with ceramics.

In addition to all the ceramics, I have also been getting quotes from moving companies.  The quotes are so different!  I guess I’ll just go with the cheapest one, but I do wonder if sometimes you get what you pay for?  Maybe tonight I should read online reviews.

Today’s thank you goes to a former classmate who helped me out with something valuable.



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