Day 69: Egg Boxes

I have fifteen egg boxes, and they are just as good as wanderlust809 said they would be.  The little divider in the middle is amazing, as are the handles and the overall structure.  The grocery store gave them to me for free.

It dawned on me today that of course eggs come in wonderful boxes.  They’re eggs.  Eggs are fragile.   What else would you ship eggs in, besides perfectly wonderful boxes that protect them from being jostled even a little bit?

I got my fifth moving company quote today, and I think I’ve finally found a place that doesn’t look sketchy and will do the move for a reasonable price.  Good news.

The ceramics courses continue to kick my butt.  I’m glad, because I want to learn, but it’s tiring to be planning the move and also taking classes.

Today the place I applied to on DAY 44 contacted me saying they are interested in me.  Of course, I’m committed to New Hampshire now, but it’s flattering that they are interested.  In particular, it is flattering because I totally thought that job was out of my league.  I even wrote in that post that I didn’t think I would hear back about my application.  What do I know?

Speaking of which, I also got an offer from the place in Connecticut.  I was so worried I wouldn’t get any offers, and now it feels like everyone is interested in me.




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