Day 72: Brunch

The ceramics madness (and bliss?) continues.  The only real interruption to my ceramics work today was brunch.  I noshed on pancakes, sausage, eggs, salad, and fruit before heading back to the studio, a bit sluggish from all the rich food, but not so much that I wasn’t excited to work.  I am learning to mix up my own underglazes with pigments made from materials like cobalt and copper.  These dry pigments are toxic when inhaled, so I wear a mask when mixing them up.

I haven’t fired any of the glazes yet, so it will be something of a surprise to see how they look.  That, I’m realizing, is one of the reasons people like ceramics.  They like the surprise of never really knowing exactly what something will look like until it is done.

I’m such a beginner that I really don’t know what things will look like until they’re done.  I almost feel like a monkey at a typewriter, making lots of things and hoping to accidentally stumble upon something good.

Speaking of good things, my mom did me a massive favor the other day, so today’s thank you went to her.



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