Day 74: Half Baked

A significant portion of the ceramic pieces I have made so far are either in the kiln being fired for the first time or in the kiln being fired for the second time.  The first firing is the bisque firing, which makes the clay hard.  The second is for the glazes.  My understanding is that there are all kinds of further variations on this way of doing things (for example, putting some underglazes on for the first firing), but that is a simple way to understand the process.

Because my ceramic pieces are hidden inside the kilns baking, I have to wait.  I have to wait to see how the colors in the glazes change, whether or not the pieces will break, and whether or not I will actually like the final product.  The nice thing, though, is that I’m not that invested in the result.  One of the things I have learned during this 100-day project is the importance of focusing on the process, not the outcome.  I don’t actually have control over outcomes, but I do have control over processes.  And, by doing my very best with the process, I can often increase the odds of a position outcome.

This rule applies to the task of packing for my move to New Hampshire as well.  I can’t predict how things will work out.  Will the moving truck arrive on time?  Will anything get lost?  Will the overall cost be higher than I can expect?  What I can control is the process of carefully packing boxes, the care I take in comparing different moving companies, and the degree to which I document everything.

I can also practice self-care.  Just because I’m busy doesn’t mean there is some law forbidding me to drink enough water and breathe deeply every now and then.


P.S.  Edited to add that I said thank you to someone who sent me a link to something cool on the internet. I know that’s not a profound thank you, but it still counts.



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