Day 81: Cram

The station wagon is packed to the gills. Not only are there cardboard boxes and suitcases stacked on top of each other, but there are also squishy things like pillows and small things like books crammed into every bit of available space.  Never before has that car held so much stuff!  Not everything I own is in there, of course, but alol the things I’ll need right away (like a coffee maker and a small microwave) are.

I’ll leave tomorrow morning at 9:00 or so, drive for 8-9 hours, then stop for the night.  The following day I’ll arrive in New Hampshire sometime mid-afternoon.  It’s strange thinking that I’ll actually be there in less than forty-eight hours.  When things change, they often change very quickly.

Driving safely can be a challenge when you’re tired and have a lot on your mind (both of which are true for me right now), so I’m not going to rush the trip.  I’ll take breaks for meals (no Burger King drive through!) and breaks when I just feel like taking a break – maybe for coffee or to stop at an antique mall.  This is how I’ve done cross-country drives in the past, and I find it makes the chore of driving into something that is almost fun.

I should stop writing and sleep so I’m ready to go tomorrow.  Today’s thank you goes to my brother who helped me get all the heavy things into the back of my car.



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