Day 84: To Do List

After a week of being busy with the ceramics course and the move to New Hampshire, I hit a wall of exhaustion today.  I woke up in my new apartment excited for what is about to begin, but my body begged for sleep, not activity.  Knowing that things will be hectic again soon, I let myself crash.  I slept in, drank a copious amount of coffee, and then, only gradually, started making lists of things that need to be done in the few weeks before the job actually starts.  The thing about moving to a new state is there is a lot to get done.  You need a new driver’s license, a change of address, a new car insurance policy, groceries for the fridge etc.  In addition to all the usual things one does after moving, I’m also eager to paint the walls of my apartment.  The former tenant made some color choices I find objectionable, and this place won’t feel like home until they are gone.

In all my hurry to make things as I think they should be, it is easy to forget that exactly one month ago today I found out about this opportunity.  The news was so unexpected, and, once it came, things changed very quickly.  Now here I am, stressed about a driver’s license instead of being stressed about applying for jobs.  This is a much better variety of stress!

Today’s thank you goes, once again, to a neighbor who made me feel welcome.




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