Day 85: Out Cold

I’m taking a short course to prepare for the job I’m starting, and today was the first day of the course.  And what a first day it was – they served us wine!  I probably haven’t mentioned this on the blog, but I’m someone who cannot tolerate alcohol, except in small amounts.  Sometimes I can drink a half glass of wine, but more is never a good idea.  Seeing as how this is the case, the smart thing for me to do would have been to say “no thank you”, but, well, I wanted to fit in.  And, yes, I know that drinking alcohol to fit in has never been a good reason to drink alcohol, but…

After one plastic cup of white wine, I fainted.  Out cold.  In a crowd.  You guys, this is not how I pictured starting this adventure!  It took drinking several bottles of water and waiting about ten minutes before I could stand up again.  Then I pigged out on the little, fatty fried things they were serving with the wine because I felt sort of weak.  What a catch I am.

Ugh.  People were nice, though, so today’s thank you goes to the woman who brought over the water bottles.  I surely hope the tomorrow’s thank you is for something else.




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