Day 88: Looking At The Sun

Tonight I watched the entire speech that president Obama gave at the funeral for the Dallas police officers.  Watching it made me uncomfortable.  You know that feeling when you’re looking at the sun, and you just want to look away because it’s burning your eyes?  That’s pretty much how I felt when I heard the president talk about the ways our country is suffering.  It’s a painful truth, and acknowledging it hurts.  I don’t want to believe that tensions against the police are as serious as they are.  I don’t want to believe that bias against blacks is so prevalent.  And yet, I feel some responsibility to look at reality in all its sharpness and brightness.  I feel like I owe it to all the people who’ve died to let the light burn my eyes for a second.

I started this blog in a fit of frustration because I wasn’t getting the jobs I wanted.  To a certain extent, my frustration was merited.  Still, I know that things would have been harder for me if I had been black and looking for a job.  They really would been.  And so, as difficult as my job search was, I have to pause every once in awhile and recognize that it could have been much harder.

I wrote about prejudice against women in the workplace on Day 29.  Really, though, women are not the only ones who face prejudice.  People also face prejudice for being old or for having dark skin or for being a single parent.  Sometimes it is just really hard to get a break.

I feel like the person I’d like to thank right now is our president, since he spoke so well during such a difficult time.  That, of course, is impossible for me to do in person.  Nevertheless, thank you.





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