Day 94: Try Not to Cry

The dust in my apartment is still a problem.  I don’t think it would bother most people at this point, but I’m sensitive to that sort of thing.  I probably look like I’ve been crying every time I step out of my apartment because my eyes are that pink and watery.

There’s plenty to cry about these days, though.  This isn’t a politics blog, nor will it become one, but I am pretty dismayed by the state of the Republican Party.  I’m not really a Republican anyway, but in 2012 I thought Mitt Romney was an OK candidate.  I didn’t vote for him, but I thought he would done well enough as president.  This year I just don’t feel the same level of ease.  When I think about the possibility that the Republican candidate (I will not speak his name) might win this year…  Well, it’s hard not to start crying.

I’ll register to vote in New Hampshire in the next week.  That is a small thing, but I will do it.  It’s important not to overlook small opportunities to make a difference.

Today’s thank you goes to a person in a toll booth near Manchester.



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