Day 95: Go Slowly

I had a foot injury recently, one which I’d been icing and stretching religiously with the hope that it would heal.  Today I went for a short, slow jog, and (to my delight) it is feeling better.

One of the lessons of the 100-day project, at least for me, has been the lesson of patience.  Things can and do change, but rarely at the speed we’d like to see them change.  More often, change is gradual to the point of looking like a standstill.

The willingness to do small things with the belief that their cumulative effect will eventually be large is essential.  And it kinda sucks.  Like most people, I like seeing big effects right away.  But sometimes I can’t make the big changes happen right away, so I have to plug away at the small stuff – keep stretching, icing, and waiting until the foot heals.  Keep applying for jobs until someone hires me.  Keep saying thank you because at least one of those thank yous will land in the ear of someone who really needs to hear it.

Today’s thank you goes to someone who complimented a photo of me.



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