Day 98: Eight-Legged Menace

Today I sent an email to an old friend who I thought might be able to help me with something related to my new job.  She wrote back right away saying that she was happy to help.  Today’s thank you, naturally, goes to her.

One of the less endearing aspects of my new apartment is the spiders.  There are quite a lot of them, especially in the bathroom.  I’m not someone who finds this frightening, but I am someone who finds it gross.  Today I went through the whole house killing spiders and knocking down spider webs.  When the spiders see their webs being destroyed, they skitter away on their thin little legs.  Sometimes they try to run up the wall, but more often they just fly away over the surface of the floor.  Ugh.  What a nasty chore.  My hope is that by being thorough in my attack on the webs, I’ve ensured that the spiders will not come back.  I don’t want to have to use chemicals to eradicate them, but I will if it comes to that.

With only two days left in this project, I’m starting to look forward to the end.  I’ve enjoyed my 100-day project, but I’m also ready to move on.  I started this blog with such a specific purpose, but, now, almost 100 days later, things have changed quite a bit.  There are new challenges to face, and I want to shift my attention to them.

For two more days…




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