Day 90: Green

Today I painted the walls of my apartment a nice, pale green.  It’s the same shade of green you see on tree buds in the early spring – a white-yellow color that is just beginning to be green.

I chose the color because I liked it, not because of any particular symbolism.  All the same, I do feel that the color is right for this moment in my life.  The green of spring, after all, is the green of new beginnings.

Today’s thank you goes to my neighbor who lended me his ladder to reach the high  areas of the wall.



Day 89: Thunder, Lightning, and Tuna

My kitchen isn’t well stocked yet, and I don’t have a lot of kitchen supplies either.  I don’t even have a can opener.  So when I realized that a thunderstorm was rolling in and the only thing I had around for dinner was a can of tuna without a pop top, I set off for the grocery store.

Not a minute too soon, either.  The storm was in full force by the time I got home, and ten minutes later the road I’d driven on was blocked by fallen trees.  By that time I was making a tuna melt and hot cocoa back at home, so I made it.

Next week’s project is to paint some of the walls a new color.  With that in mind, today’s thank you goes to a neighbor who offered to let me use his ladder when I paint.


Day 88: Looking At The Sun

Tonight I watched the entire speech that president Obama gave at the funeral for the Dallas police officers.  Watching it made me uncomfortable.  You know that feeling when you’re looking at the sun, and you just want to look away because it’s burning your eyes?  That’s pretty much how I felt when I heard the president talk about the ways our country is suffering.  It’s a painful truth, and acknowledging it hurts.  I don’t want to believe that tensions against the police are as serious as they are.  I don’t want to believe that bias against blacks is so prevalent.  And yet, I feel some responsibility to look at reality in all its sharpness and brightness.  I feel like I owe it to all the people who’ve died to let the light burn my eyes for a second.

I started this blog in a fit of frustration because I wasn’t getting the jobs I wanted.  To a certain extent, my frustration was merited.  Still, I know that things would have been harder for me if I had been black and looking for a job.  They really would been.  And so, as difficult as my job search was, I have to pause every once in awhile and recognize that it could have been much harder.

I wrote about prejudice against women in the workplace on Day 29.  Really, though, women are not the only ones who face prejudice.  People also face prejudice for being old or for having dark skin or for being a single parent.  Sometimes it is just really hard to get a break.

I feel like the person I’d like to thank right now is our president, since he spoke so well during such a difficult time.  That, of course, is impossible for me to do in person.  Nevertheless, thank you.




Day 87: Sleep

Today’s thank you goes to someone who told me about a great place to find inexpensive (and beautiful!) furniture in New Hampshire.  I probably won’t go shopping for awhile, but it’s great to know.

Today was long, and I’m pretty tired.  I’m tired, also, from listening to some of the sad things happening in the US right now. I only heard a portion of what President Obama said at the funeral, but it was moving.

With that weighing heavily on me, I think I need some rest.


Day 86: Breathe

After my eventful day yesterday, I was hoping for a calmer day today.  Fortunately, I had one.  The training was uneventful, and I was able to run some errands afterward.  Ahh..  A day that felt like a deep breath.

Today’s thank you goes to someone who offered to help me do some editing.  It’s actually a pretty small task, but I’m glad she offered.






Day 85: Out Cold

I’m taking a short course to prepare for the job I’m starting, and today was the first day of the course.  And what a first day it was – they served us wine!  I probably haven’t mentioned this on the blog, but I’m someone who cannot tolerate alcohol, except in small amounts.  Sometimes I can drink a half glass of wine, but more is never a good idea.  Seeing as how this is the case, the smart thing for me to do would have been to say “no thank you”, but, well, I wanted to fit in.  And, yes, I know that drinking alcohol to fit in has never been a good reason to drink alcohol, but…

After one plastic cup of white wine, I fainted.  Out cold.  In a crowd.  You guys, this is not how I pictured starting this adventure!  It took drinking several bottles of water and waiting about ten minutes before I could stand up again.  Then I pigged out on the little, fatty fried things they were serving with the wine because I felt sort of weak.  What a catch I am.

Ugh.  People were nice, though, so today’s thank you goes to the woman who brought over the water bottles.  I surely hope the tomorrow’s thank you is for something else.



Day 84: To Do List

After a week of being busy with the ceramics course and the move to New Hampshire, I hit a wall of exhaustion today.  I woke up in my new apartment excited for what is about to begin, but my body begged for sleep, not activity.  Knowing that things will be hectic again soon, I let myself crash.  I slept in, drank a copious amount of coffee, and then, only gradually, started making lists of things that need to be done in the few weeks before the job actually starts.  The thing about moving to a new state is there is a lot to get done.  You need a new driver’s license, a change of address, a new car insurance policy, groceries for the fridge etc.  In addition to all the usual things one does after moving, I’m also eager to paint the walls of my apartment.  The former tenant made some color choices I find objectionable, and this place won’t feel like home until they are gone.

In all my hurry to make things as I think they should be, it is easy to forget that exactly one month ago today I found out about this opportunity.  The news was so unexpected, and, once it came, things changed very quickly.  Now here I am, stressed about a driver’s license instead of being stressed about applying for jobs.  This is a much better variety of stress!

Today’s thank you goes, once again, to a neighbor who made me feel welcome.



Day 83: Arrival

Today’s thank you goes to a new neighbor who made me feel welcome when I arrived in New Hampshire.

That’s right, friends, New Hampshire!  I’m here!  The drive through Canada went mostly smoothly, though I did have to review some French for the road signs in Quebec (droit=right).  I ate some wonderful pancakes with Canadian maple syrup before I left on the drive, so at least I wasn’t hungry while I was navigating foreign roads.

I am tired.  This has become a frequent refrain on this blog, but I am tired, so I am going to call it a day.  More adventures to come tomorrow.


Day 82: Fast Food, Slow Travel

I’m chilling out in my room at the bed and breakfast after a long day of driving.  Honestly, it was a little tougher than I expected it to be.  The traffic around Toronto was slow, and there were also a number of construction zones along my route.

Driving can really cause your body to feel tight since you are essentially in one position all day long. I did some general stretching (in addition to my foot stretches) in an attempt to ward off a back ache.  It remains to be seen whether or not that will work!

It was difficult to say thank you today, since the only people I really interacted with were employees of fast food restaurants I stopped at during the course of my trip.  I say “thank you” when I’m buying a sub sandwich, but it’s really just good manners.  It doesn’t mean anything more than that.

By their nature, fast food restaurants aren’t great for doing things like having conversations or saying anything more than a perfunctory “thanks!”  I think that if I’m going to do more than that, I need to stop somewhere else.

For now, though, it will have to be enough for today.


Day 81: Cram

The station wagon is packed to the gills. Not only are there cardboard boxes and suitcases stacked on top of each other, but there are also squishy things like pillows and small things like books crammed into every bit of available space.  Never before has that car held so much stuff!  Not everything I own is in there, of course, but alol the things I’ll need right away (like a coffee maker and a small microwave) are.

I’ll leave tomorrow morning at 9:00 or so, drive for 8-9 hours, then stop for the night.  The following day I’ll arrive in New Hampshire sometime mid-afternoon.  It’s strange thinking that I’ll actually be there in less than forty-eight hours.  When things change, they often change very quickly.

Driving safely can be a challenge when you’re tired and have a lot on your mind (both of which are true for me right now), so I’m not going to rush the trip.  I’ll take breaks for meals (no Burger King drive through!) and breaks when I just feel like taking a break – maybe for coffee or to stop at an antique mall.  This is how I’ve done cross-country drives in the past, and I find it makes the chore of driving into something that is almost fun.

I should stop writing and sleep so I’m ready to go tomorrow.  Today’s thank you goes to my brother who helped me get all the heavy things into the back of my car.